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Activities to Enhance Teacher Professionalism and Develop Educational Public Opinion

Based on the professionalism of teachers, KFTA is leading the Korean public opinion on education through solidarity and cooperation with the international teaching community as well as various educational publications.

Vitalizing classroom research and supporting teacher training

Classroom Research Conference/Educational Material Fair/ Elementary Education Research Conference/Prospective Teacher Teaching Research Conference

Operating KFTA Comprehensive Education Training Center / publishing teaching research journals and publications

Building solidarity and cooperation with civil society organizations and supporting youth education

Executing solidarity projects and joint campaigns with education-related institutions and parent/civil society organizations

Hosting Dokdo Day ceremonies / student language culture reformation campaigns and youth theater festivals, etc.

Promoting Inter-Korean teacher exchange programs

Expanding international education exchange programs and building a network of international educators

El and EIAP regional conferences / Korea-ASEAN Council of Teachers Conference (ACT + 1)/ Korea Japan Education Research Presentation Conference

Representing opinions from the classroom and leading the public opinion on education

Korea Education Newspaper / Internet Korea Education Newspaper / Monthly Saegyoyuk/YouTube Channel Saem TV