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   SNUT tops university employment table
   3243    2010-04-22
Source : Korea Herald

20 Apr.2010

Even during the long-term unemployment crisis, some universities manage to keep up their numbers, like Seoul National University of Technology.

The overall employment rate of SNUT graduates was 75.4 percent last year, the highest among four-year colleges of 3,000 or more students, according to Education Ministry data.

Though slightly lower than the 80.2 percent in 2008 and 80.6 percent in 2007, the figure was still higher than that of any other school in its rank, said school officials.

“Our reputation in employment is not unprecedented,” said Kim Byoung-sul, manager of the school career guidance team.

SNUT was named the No.1 rank in providing full-time employment in 2006 and the best in overall university evaluation by the Korean Council for University Education in 2007.

“Supporting our students and graduates in employment is one of the school’s top priorities and our entire system is focused on achieving this goal,” Kim said.

The employment rate of each college and department is to be reflected in the yearly evaluation, so as to offer motivation, he explained.

The curriculum for each school year has been detailed in order to ready students for their future career.

The school is also renowned for its hands-on industry-university cooperation, having ties with some 500 enterprises where students may acquire practical field experiences.

“Most of the other schools, of course, share similar programs, especially in the unemployment crisis we see these days,” he said.

However, SNUT moves on further to maintain its edge in the employment market, officials said.

“Recently, we have come to focus more intently on the quality of the employment, while keeping up our high figures,” Kim said.

The Seoul Tech Leaders Program, a new curriculum to support and inspire outstanding students, is to kick off this June. The 4-month honor program will offer customized courses for job applicants aiming higher in their career path, Kim said.

“Our focus on employment is really not just about the official figures, but about guiding students to find their goal in life,” he said.

Presently SNUT, the oldest national university in Korea, celebrated its 100th anniversary last week.

The president, Rho Jun-hyong, vowed in its congratulatory speech to lay the foundation so that the school may join the top 10 universities in Korea by 2020. 

By Bae Hyun-jung (tellme@heraldm.com)
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