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   FKTU awards KRW 130 million scholarships
   5286    2010-06-29

The Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU) has provided KRW 130 million to support the 130 high school students recommended by KFTA.

The FKTU Scholarship Foundation(represented by the Chairman Jang Seok-Choon) decided to support a selective number of high school students with integrity and strong commitment to voluntary service whose irregular family income is less than KRW 2 million a month. On June 8, FKTU finalized the 130 high school students selected by KFTA from among those recommended by school principals in last April as the donors of its scholarships.

The scholarship program was organized as part of FKTU's social sharing efforts under the Green Eco-sharing Campaign jointly launched with KFTA in last February. FKTU which had provided scholarships mainly based on its business chapters decided to select scholarship donors from nationwide high schools with the help of KFTA to extend its student support.

FKTU has provided KRW 27.6 billion for more than 53,000 financially squeezed middle school to university students through its FKTU Scholarship Foundation since 1977.

"Despite the difference in the nature of the organization as a professional organization and a trade union, KFTA and FKTU will continue to expand our joint projects in the belief that the KFTA's vision of educational welfare through wholistic education of students will eventually lead to a better quality of life for workers," said the general manager of the Foundation Kim Jang-Oh.

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