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   The 54th National Education Research Competition
   4837    2010-05-04    

On April 13, KFTA announced the final results of the 54th National Education Research Competition where more than 2000 teachers participated nationwide. Gajwa High School teacher Park Jong-Lib of Incheon City earned the most prestigious President’s Award with his social science research Enhancing Historical Empathy and Chronological Comprehension through the Development & Application of History Essay Test. The Prime Minister’s Award went to Ansan Daewol Elementary School teacher Kim Gye-Hyung who wrote Building Vocabulary through Holistic Vocabulary Game Program representing the Korean (Chinese) division.

The contest produced 388 prize winning researches (390 authors) in total including the President’s Award, Prime minister’s Award, 65(65 authors) for the 1st grade, 129(130 authors including a co-author) for the 2nd and 194(195 authors including a co-author) for the 3rd grade. The awards ceremony was held in KFTA’s Dasan Hall at 11 am, April 24.

The President’s Award winner Park Jong-Lib’s research is highlighted by a consistent use of writing programs based on historical data, illustrations, written appeals to Kings and pictures which contain necessary learning elements to increase student’s historical empathy and by the development and application of a quality essay test that goes beyond the traditional multiple choice tests to improve student participation and satisfaction. Outstanding practical applicability was also an important factor for the selection.

Mr. Kim Gye-Hyung’s Prime Minister’s Award winning research was highly evaluated because the subject and contents of the research are convenient for generalized use in schools and easily accessible by teachers. By developing and applying a holistic and highly feasible vocabulary program, the research not only expanded student opportunity to use vocabulary but also significantly contributed to vocabulary improvement. Judges said the author’s sincere attitude and efforts to solve the subject issue should also be a model for all teachers. For this contest, more than 2000 teachers first participated in preliminary city- or provincial-level contests and 400 researches were selected for a national-level contest. KFTA conducted a pre-assessment (March 8-20), main assessment (March 27) and final selection audit (April 10, Cheongju National University of Education) on those researches. The most honorable President’s Award and Prime Minister’s Award winners were finalized through a rigorous process of close examination (April 10) and on-field review (April 12-13).

Starting from 1952 to enhance teacher professionalism and quality, KFTA’s National Education Research Competition has now become a most honorable and biggest contest in education. Even under the hard conditions, many teachers are participating in the contest every year to improve school education.

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