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Organizational Capacity-Building and Democratic Organizational Operation

Through dynamic organizational activities, KFTA enhances the unity and cohesion of the members, in addition to provide highly concentrated on-site support programs that respond to the needs of the members.

Holding democratic organizational meetings to promote classroom education and teachers' organizations.

General council/board of directors/executive meeting/city, provincial, country, and district presidents' meeting

Support to regional organization/school chapter events and seminars for organizational activists

Executing organizational activities to elevate the status of educators' community and promote the teaching profession

New year's ceremony for the education community / Teachers' Day ceremony/ awards for contributions to the education community

National teachers' conference for the teaching profession and educators' community

Providing support to vitalize specialty-based and grassroots teachers'organizations

Providing support to promote specialty-based organizations, teachers' clubs, and teaching research groups

Developing competent leaders of teachers' organization and promoting communication with the members

Operating and promoting 2030 Youth Committee

Developing a portal website and mobile application to enhance mutual communication with the members