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Activities to Protect Teacher Authority and Practice Teaching Ethics

KFTA works to prevent unfair infringement of teachers' authority alleviate teachers' grievances, and establish teaching ethics.

Stronger effectiveness for policy measures to protect teachers' authority andprevent infringements of teachers' authority

Amendment to the 3 laws on teachers' authority
(Special Act on the Improvement of Teachers' Status and the Protection of Their Educational Activities, Act on the Prevention of and Countermeasures Against Violence in Schools, and Child Welfare Act)

Support to establish the 3 laws on teachers' authority

Legal and policy improvement activities to protect teachers' authority

Prevention of infringement on teachers' authority and quick resolution to incidents

Organization for supporting teachers’ authority / matching each school to an advising attorney

Operating funds for protecting teachers’ authority / providing legal fees for cases regarding infringement of teachers' authority

Professional and legal consultations in various regions to protect teachers’authority

Enhanced counseling for resolving member grievances

Teachers'counseling center services / programs for teachers'grievance resolution and policy enhancement

Establishing a culture of respect for teachers’authority and stronger teaching ethics by publicizing related issues

Publishing reports regarding consultations about teachers' authority / activities to expand and practice Teaching Ethics Charter