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The KFTA is a democratic organization of teachers composed of local associations, functional organizations, and affiliated organizations.

Local teacher associations : 16 metropolitan and provincial federations of teacher associations

Functional organizations : Elementary and Secondary school teacher associations, Elementary and Secondary school principals and vice-principals associations, and college professor associations

Affiliated organizations : 27 affiliated organizations by school level, status, founder, gender, and subject.

Metropolitan and provincial federations of teachers' associations contain 190 city, county, and district teacher associations. In turn city, county, and district teacher associations represent 11,000 school branches in Korea. The school branch is the basic unit of the KFTA structure for democratic school management.


Board of Representatives

The highest legislative body

Composition : Representatives from each metropolitan and provincial federation of teacher association (1 representative per 600 members of each local teacher association considering status, school level, gender, and age), representatives from affiliated organizations

Term : 3 years

Function : Election of executive members, amendment of KFTA Articles, settlement of budget, and approval of programs

Plenary session in November and special session in April.

Board of Directors

Executive body

Composition : Ex officio directors (including president, 5 vice-presidents, 16 presidents of metropolitan and provincial federations of teachers' associations, presidents of functional organizations), elected directors from board of representatives, 3 auditors

Term : 3 years

Function : Plan of programs and budget, deliberation of tasks from board of representatives

Organization Chart

Executive Officers

President :

Elected by direct vote of the KFTA members to a 3-year term (one time reelection possible).

Vice Presidents :

2 from a kindergarten or elementary schools, 2 from a secondary school, 1 from a tertiary school. (Among vice-presidents, female vice-presidents and regular teachers (not administrator such as a principal) should be more than 1 respectively)Candidates for vice-president should be running-mates of candidate for president and the chief vice-president is appointed by the president.

Auditors :

3 auditors (one from an elementary, secondary, and tertiary school) are appointed by the board of representatives. Responsible for inspection of the finances, board of directors, and secretariat (2-year term - one time reelection possible).


The KFTA has 11 permanent committees composed of expertsand teachers to accept professional advice on KFTA programs. The KFTA has several special committees such as an International Cooperation Committee and South - North Korea Education Exchange Committee to deal with special programs as well.

Permanent Advisory Committees

Educational Policy Committee

Curriculum Study Committee

Solidarity Reinforcement Committee

Youth Welfare and Culture Committee

Infant Education Committee

Health Education CommitteeEducational

Study Committee

Educational Authority Committee

Educational Informationization Committee

Women Teachers Committee

Special Committees

International Cooperation Committee

South-North Korea Education Exchange Committee

Affiliated Organizations

27 affiliated organizations by school level, status, founder, gender, and subject.

Affiliated Organization by Subject

The Korean Association for Special Education

The Korean Association of Women Administrators in Primary Education

The Korean Society of Educational Broadcasting

The Korean Society of School Libraries

The Korea Society of Mathematical Education

The Society for School Health Education

The Korea Secondary English Teachers Association

The Korean Society of Primary Physical Education

The Korean Music Education Society

The Research Institute of Korean Language Education

The Korean Association of Educational Administration

The Korean Social Studies Association

The Korean Moral Ethic Education Association

The Korean Tax and Accounting Education Association

The Korean Home Economics Education Association

The Korean Research Association for the Business Education

The Korean Association for Cooperative System

Affiliated Organizations by School Level, Status, Gender and Founder

The Korean Council of Elementary School Principals

The Korean Council of Secondary School Principals

The Korean Association of Public High School Principals

The Korean Association of Secondary Women Principals

The Korean Association of Technical High School Principals

The Korean Association of Public Kindergarten Teachers

The Korean Council of Primary School Women Principals