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Since opening it was formed on November 23, 1947, KFTA has been leading the development of education in Korea.
Helping teachers build professionalism, defend authority required for educational activities, and establish teaching ethics, KFTA is creating a professional culture for teachers while playing a leading role in the decision-making process for education policies.

2019 Completed the amendment of the 3 laws on teachers'authority (Special Act on the Improvement of Teachers' and the Protection of Their Educational Activities, Act on the Prevention of and Countermeasures Against Violence in Schools, and Child Welfare Act)

2018 Prevented the hiring of unqualified principals Supported the Constitutional Court ruling on the Child Welfare Act and amendment to the law Supported the reduction of gap between performance-based pay grades Direct operation of Remote Education Training Center

2017 Prevented temporary teachers and lecturers from converted to regular-status teachers Prevented teachers from becoming local public officials Prevented performance-based pay for principals and vice principals

2016 Supported the implementation of teacher sabbatical policy Improved the disciplinary program for incidents not related to work Hosted the 32nd Korea-ASEAN Council of Teachers Conference (ACT + 1) in Seoul

2015 Raised homeroom teacher allowance by KRW20,000 Supported the abolishment of school performance bonus policy Supported the legislation of the Special Act on the Improvement of Teachers'Status and the Protection of Their Educational Activities

2014 Hosted 1-Million Teacher Strike to prevent the change in the public officials pension system Supported the implementation of school dietitian allowance

2013 Submitted a bill for the Act on the Protection of Teachers' Authority Resolved the issue on unpaid middle school teachers" research fund

2012 Supported the development of teachers’authority protection plan Supported the implementation of a Ph.D. program for teaching

2011 Supported the implementation of 5-day school week Supported the implementation of senior teacher policy Supported the implementation of school liability credit union system

2010 Hosted proclamation ceremony for Dokdo Day

2008 Supported the Supreme Court ruling recognizing school test questions as intellectual property inter-Korean Educators' Union Conference

2007 Supported the implementation of teachers working for affiliated preschools

2006 Supported the enactment of the Act on the Prevention and Compensation for

2005 Developed and distributed the Teaching Ethics Charter

2004 Supported the enactment of the Early Childhood Education Act

2003 Implemented direct election of KFTA president

2002 Supported the implementation of allowance for school nurses

1998 Held the general strike in Yeouido to prevent the reduction of teachers' retirement age

1996 Supported the implementation of allowance for homeroom teachers

1995 Supported 5% of the GNP to be allocated as educational budget

1993 Joined Education International (EI) as a founding member

1992 First regular negotiation session between KFTA and the Ministry of Education Supported the establishment of allowance for teachers in specialty positions

1991 Supported the enactment of Special Act on the Improvement of Teachers'Status and the Protection of Their Educational Activities Supported the abolishment of the faculty reappointment policy

1989 Changed the organization name to KTFA

1988 Supported the implementation of senior teachers'allowance

1984 Supported the implementation of long-term service allowance

1983 Supported the implementation of single rank-seniority system for elementary and secondary school teachers

1982 Brought back Teachers' Day

1981 Supported the enactment of the Education Tax Act

1980 Supported the implementation of teachers'allowance

1973 Supported the implementation of shorter promotion cycle for teachers and abolishment of seniority-rank limit policy Supported the enactment of the Pension for Private School Teachers and Staff Act

1971 Founded Daehan Teachers' Credit Union

1970 Founded the National Educational Materials Fair

1969 Founded Saehan Scholarship Foundation (currently KFTA Scholarship Foundation)

1968 Supported the abolishment of middle school admission tests

1966 Supported the implementation of the “same-rank same-pay system" Hosted the 15th WCOTP general assembly in Seoul

1965 Supported the implementation of allowance for teachers working in remote areas

1961 Founded Saehan Sinmun (currently Korean Education Newspaper)

1956 Established the Korean Teachers'Mutual Aid Cooperative

1954 Supported legislation of the Rules on the Educational Officials Compensation

1953 Supported legislation of the Public Educational Officials Act

1952 Founded the National Education Research Conference (currently the National Field-Oriented Education Research Conference) Joined the World Confederation of Organizations of Teaching Profession (WCOTP) as a founding member

1951 Changed school system

1949 Founded elementary teaching journal Saegyosil

1948 Changed name to Daehan Education Association Founded education magazine Saegyoyuk; published Banghakchaek

1947 Founded as Joseon Education Association (Nov. 23)