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Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations: Spokesperson for Korean Teachers and the Hub of Teaching Profession

The Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations (KFTA) was founded on November 23, 1947, under the name "Joseon Education Association." It is the oldest and the largest teachers' organization in Korea that has made many contributions to the growth of Korean education. Working with its members for more than seven decades, KFTA has been leading the Korean education profession through many crises and hardships. As the birthplace of Korean education policies and the foundation of field-oriented educational movements, KFTA has been working as the backbone of the growth of Korean education.

The history of KFTA is the history of Korean education. It is also the history of the educational movement that grew through hardships and achievements made by the country's educators. It is the history of dedicated teachers who made constant efforts for the growth of Korean education with passion and a lofty sense of mission. Such devotion of educators towed the development of Korean education.

KFTA will continue to play a central role in the growth of Korean education, in addition to supporting teachers in the field. The federation will protect the future of Korean education, which was cultivated in a barren environment through dedicated service. We will continue to help Korean educators earn the trust of the Korean people.

Thank you.

Rim Un Young
President of the Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations